Get rid of your animal -kind of year!

@ricki_911 (19861)
Toronto, Ontario
December 2, 2015 2:59pm CST
I should expect this after this many years of having to deal with the shelter. But the number of people who have been calling me and then people calling to adopt for Christmas. I think it is ridiculous, and people get mad when I say you can adopt after Christmas. I can't understand why getting your 4 year old a rabbit for Christmas even crosses your mind. I have had numerous calls, and people coming into my work to get rid of animals.
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@Marcyaz (35606)
• United States
3 Dec 15
At this time of year they are getting rid of their animals, they must not love their animals very much if they are not keeping them, how sad for the poor animals.
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@ricki_911 (19861)
• Toronto, Ontario
4 Dec 15
SOme have the lamest excuses as well. One lady said I can't afford it and was leaving the same day to go on 2 week vacation to Hawaii.
@sugartoes (42534)
• Greencastle, Indiana
3 Dec 15
that's what I don't understand why get a "PET" if your not going to keep it for the life of that pet that just don't MAKE SENSE to me this is why I don't let NONE of my pets go ANYWHERE & I have 8 dogs I care for