Fast Blast #2, Ban Religion? Edition

Wapello, Iowa
December 3, 2015 11:40am CST
I wasn't planning on doing another Fast Blast so soon because I never intended to do two in a row and also because yesterday bombed. But yesterday's news (California shooting: 14 dead, suspect identified) has put me in mood not conducive to doing a lot of writing. Plus, I want to see if yesterday bombed because it was not a bit political. I thought that people wanted less stupid boring American Politics due to the massive amount of feedback I've gotten on the issue but based on yesterday's numbers, the opposite is true. The masses who want less politics seem to be in the minority. But we need another test case to provide more data---Not that today's results will be conclusive but they will be an indication. Later, I will probably take this one and expand it into a regular full length post but right now, I just want to ignore the gun debate and ask two short questions: 1. Has anyone else noticed that it is always religious fanatics that do these things, never an Atheist (In this current case, the pattern has held with the suspect has being described by his own father as being very religious)? 2. Should we stop talking about banning guns and start talking about banning religion? Here Are The Links:
San Bernardino shooting: Police kill two suspects hours after 14 people are slain at the Inland Regional Center. One suspect is identified as Syed Farook.
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28 Feb 16
In this situations it becomes difficult to think what to do and what not to!!!
28 Feb 16
Sometimes there are situations which make us to think about it?