Is Pre-Marital sex tabooed in your country too??

Lucknow, India
December 4, 2015 10:32am CST
Here in India, Pre-marital sex is considered equal to worshiping the devil itself!! Everyone is frowning and commenting on this issue, and they try telling youngsters all the bad things about sex!! They talk about sex, like it is some sort of Superman's Kryptonite!! Th parents themselves will offer no guidance, nor will the curriculum and then it is avoided like a guy dodging traffic in rush hour!! I don't know why Pre-marital sex is such a huge issue here!! They all try telling youngsters one thing or the other!! But why will the youngsters listen to it? Do they ever?? I don't know what the huge fuss is all about, but in India too much of an issue is made at this thing( they even stone the boy and girl in rural areas if thy get caught) Is this such a huge issue in your place too???
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@boiboing (12882)
• Northampton, England
4 Dec 15
No, not at all. It's very much the norm.
• Lucknow, India
4 Dec 15
Oh ok!! Thanks for the response !!
@zarlamain (24889)
• United States
15 Jul 16
I live in the US and it isn't.