A Kind Gesture!

December 8, 2015 5:48pm CST
Oh man! I'm still feeling full from eating my supper tonight. Which was made for me from my Mother. She showed up at my place with some stew that she had made and wanted to give me some. Not like she had to go far to give it to me, she is my neighbor. But the thing that counts is the fact that she wanted to make me something for supper. I thought it was super sweet, and the food was delicious! I'm regretting eating it so fast now though! It's the little things that people do like that, that can make your whole day complete! Have you done a kind gesture today?
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@T_gray (7804)
• Salina, Kansas
9 Dec 15
Ummmm, I don't think I've done anything major today. I bought my cousin lunch....But I always do that. Haha. But that's awesome your mom did that. My mom used to be my neighbor too, I don't think I ever got food like that. Lol
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@amnabas (10939)
• Karachi, Pakistan
9 Dec 15
Mothers are always kind towards their kids.
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@sharon6345 (152781)
• United States
9 Dec 15
I bought someone a little food tonight. They ran low on funds and I felt like that was a good thing I could do. Without handing out my cash I felt like i did do the right thing.
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@softbabe44 (5885)
• Vancouver, Washington
9 Dec 15
Sometimes it's a real great thing the neighbors got their water shut off and couldn't get it on because they had no money they had those jugs that you can go to the store and purchased for water. They would bring 5 jugs over to our house every other day and filled up their jugs we let them do this for 5 weeks then I had to say no more.
@marijuana (576)
• Tel Aviv, Israel
9 Dec 15
Yes our neighbors always bring us food and its great. I never brought her food yet because I am not a confident cook. but she always come knocking when she runs out of eggs or milk or some onions or anything lol .... kind little gestures make us happy :) I was at the post office today and there was a long queue, The one after me was an elderly lady, I asked her to go before me :) she was so grateful. I also did some baby talk with a cute little baby and doing such little acts makes us feel awesome :)
@shshiju (10534)
• Cochin, India
9 Dec 15
Mom food is best because it cook with love also.
@Sreekala (25287)
• India
9 Dec 15
I have not done any kind gesture today. But I used to do as and when my kindness required by some one. It is lovely to help someone who is on need badly. Mothers are always kind enough to prepare special and sweet dishes for her children.
@TRBRocks420 (88595)
• Banks, Oregon
9 Dec 15
Yes, I burnt some garbage for my Grandma and, my Mom also made stew :)
@hiru84 (952)
• Malaysia
9 Dec 15
@x0MandyLynn0x That is a great thing. You must keep your mother happily always.
@Micmac (9807)
9 Dec 15
That's so sweet of your mom to cook for you. Today I gave a friend a big
@GardenGerty (106575)
• United States
9 Dec 15
No, I do not think I have done any kindnesses today. i am sure your mom enjoyed caring for you by fixing you stew.
@jstory07 (73798)
• Roseburg, Oregon
9 Dec 15
That was nice of your mother to bring you some stew that she made. You should share a meal with her tomorrow.
@Plethos (12541)
• United States
9 Dec 15
yes, i stayed out of societies way today . . .