My own kind of hero

December 9, 2015 12:42am CST
. When I was just a 4 years old I already lost my dad. I admit that it’s so hard to accept that at my very young age we lost him he was the best dad I ever seen. For him, I'm the prettiest girl among them all I'm his princess. He used to make milk for me every time I cry and cuddle me until I fell asleep in his arms. Growing up without a father is really hard because there are the times that I envy my friends who have fathers every school gathering while I'm just with my mother. I freaking miss my dad. The one who protects me from harm. The one who always making sure that I am in a good condition. The one who supports me. The one that inspires me until now. Since, our dad is now resting peacefully with our god it doesn’t mean that our lives are also over. It’s a beginning for our family, Life is challenging us to grow as a better person and tough as well just like our father who sacrificing for us before. And now we’re doing our best to pursue our family dream house for him.
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• Secunderabad, India
9 Dec 15
I am really sorry to know that. I can imagine how much you might be missing your dad but don't worry one day all of us will unite back again in gods presence!