Wikinut Drains the Life Blood From Its Nuts

United States
December 10, 2015 11:10am CST
According to this official December 10, 2015 Wikinut statement, effective December 10, 2015 posts (nuts) on Wikinut will cease to earn money for the Wikinutter. Active or inactive members of Wikinut are urged to read this statement to understand if they will paid and what options they will have as it relates to their account. How do think Wikinut's handling of its nut revenue castration compares to how Bubblews burst their bubble as well as some of the other recent collapses of revenue sharing sites?
This statement outlines some important changes to the operating model of Wikinut. It is very likely that these changes will not be popular, and I expect that many users (and even moderators) will decide that they no longer wish to use the site. But please
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@LadyDuck (163340)
• Switzerland
11 Dec 15
This is a much more serious approach than Bubb, they are informing people well before one month in advance and they are also offering a feature to their user to export all their articles. This is a serious approach!
@winterose (39918)
• Canada
11 Dec 15
I think they were decent about it. They say they are going to pay us everything owed to us up to Dec 15 on Jan 15. Bubblews just took our money and ran.
@BelleStarr (38999)
• United States
10 Dec 15
I think they are being upfront and allowing users to delete and remove their content. It is a very professional way to treat writers. However, it is a writing site and the type of articles is much different from what was seen on Bubblews.
@shellyjaneo (1091)
• United Kingdom
10 Dec 15
I am not sure what wikinut is, I have never heard of it x
@hereandthere (31861)
• Philippines
10 Dec 15
yes, i read another post about it. so wikinut is 6 yrs old. is it older or younger than hubpages?
@marlina (74803)
• Canada
10 Dec 15
It looks like Wikinut is taking a better approach than BB did.