The dilemma- should i tell him or not?

Thiruvananthapuram, India
December 10, 2015 2:22pm CST
One of my friends is in a great confusion from the past few days. She likes him but doesn't know what his feelings are about her. She fears that telling him about her true feelings may have an adverse effect on their friendship. She doesn't know whether he already has a girl friend or not. Moreover se doesn't even know whether she has a mere infactuation or is truly in love with him. Many girls face this dilemma in their life at some point of time whether to tell him or not about their true feelings just because they don't want to break a bond which already exists between them. But does thinking about it the whole day be any useful?? Have you come across any such situations where you had the same question in mind "should I tell him or not??"
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• Tiruchirappalli, India
11 Dec 15
I have not came across this situation even I felt like this I expect him to say first..but if your friend has strong feelings for him she can tell him directly.. Before that ask her to find whether that boy interested to spend time with her whole day..
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