"Truth Does Hurt 1"

November 24, 2006 4:15am CST
The main objective of these write-ups is to let us know or realize the importance of truly understanding the truth (Word) about the Almighty Yahshua (Jesus), His designs and plans for all of us regardless of sect (denomination). Most of us focused only on the Greek-side of the Writings (Scripture) and never gave a chance to study the Hebrew-side; these write-ups will help us understand both, one is to know the logical balance regarding the truth and the other one is to know the sense from a revelation. I used Hebrew and Greek materials (both translated to English) in my research just to balance things and, to avoid confusion. Actually these are series of questions, shared informations and clarifications which are very important to know, we hope that all of us will soon be seekers of the truth and not just be contented of what this world reveals. Let us allow His Word to be the only guide to everyday living, thank you all! “I am also like you guys wanting to grab and take hold of the real truth, so what I did I studied deeply, with His help of course, aiming not to be “all knowing” because it’s impossible, but just to make sure that I’m on the right track humbly obeying Him, do you think what I’m doing is evil?” e-mail: guyarounddblock24@yahoo.com mobile phone: 0920-7711292
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"Blessed be in the Authority of Ha'Shem, nice knowing you!"