Television Review - The Big Bang Theory - The Loobenfield Decay

Photo - My TV Set, taken by me.
Preston, England
December 11, 2015 7:55am CST
Spoiler alerts Season one episode ten Penny lands a part in a stage play and invites her friends along to watch. As it isn't science fiction, Leonard & Sheldon come up with a bare faced lie to get out of going, but Sheldon makes the lie increasingly complicated and unbelievable. Eventually Sheldon's claim to be assisting an obscure cousin to overcome drugs involves getting an actor to pretend to be the junkie in the throes of cold turkey recovery in the apartment. D J Qualls's once only role as the deliberately over-acting excessive emoting cousin Leopold is unforgettable, and it seems surprising that Penny never asks about him again after this episode. She is totally taken in by the deception. This was the episode that first told me just how above average The Big Bang Theory is as TV comedy. Pure gold. Arthur Chappell
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@celticeagle (119803)
• Boise, Idaho
11 Dec 15
Yes, indeed. It was a good episode. Writers can sure write out a person as easily as write them in.
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• Preston, England
11 Dec 15
Leopold was only ever intended as a one off
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@Syllogism (211)
• China
11 Dec 15
I really love this TV series and have been watching it over and over again
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@Micmac (9423)
11 Dec 15
Great episode. The cousin is hilarious. Too bad they didn't have Leopold return on the show afterwards. There was another episode I've watched that had Sheldon's sister appear on the show only for one time, but she never returned again.