Can i wear bikini on the plane in America?

United States
December 12, 2015 10:51pm CST
I am doing research for my paper and some interesting ideas in my mind. For my final exam. About the culture differences between other countries.I know the America is an open country,but can i wear bikini on the plane?In other countries,some behaviors are unacceptable.For example,in China we will squeeze(i mean,gently) kid's face or touch his head if the kids really adorable. But it is rude and disrespect in Thailand.And in western countries it's also rude.Could ladies and gentleman tell me some behaviors we can't do or even shouldn't do in your country?Or some behaviors the people did from other countries is unacceptable to you.
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• Guangzhou, China
13 Dec 15
In China before Spring Festival 30 twenty four must put the rubbish dump, the first is bear in mind that rubbish can't drop.And don't sweep the floor, sweep the floor is equal to sweep goods out, and taking out the trash is a meaning
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@jstory07 (73758)
• Roseburg, Oregon
14 Dec 15
I do not think anyone is going to wear a bikini on a plane in America.
• United States
14 Dec 15
Alright,but i always hope i get seated besides a girl wearing Bikini
@just4him (136467)
• Green Bay, Wisconsin
14 Dec 15
I don't know about wearing a bikini on a flight. I wouldn't think so. America is so laid back I don't think there is any customs that would be considered off limits. There should be though. I could be wrong.