Are you a vegetarian or non-vegetarian?

Chennai, India
December 13, 2015 4:22am CST
Hi friends, Are you a vegetarian or non-vegetarian? Do you think eating meat is ok/good? Well, personally i am a vegetarian and i don't like to see animals getting killed in slaughterhouse etc and people eating them in home or restaurants, it causes many health problems like artery blockage, thickening of blood vessels, diabetes, blood pressure etc when consumed continuously and moreover i feel that animals too feel pain, for that matter any animal dogs, cats, cows, pigs etc . Even in AOL, i recently read an article that an pregnant pig broke out of the truck cage that was on the way to slaughterhouse and managed to be alive and it gave birth to 9 piglets :) I was so happy that 10 lives were saved. Moreover, animal slaughtering etc leads to increase in global warming etc Well i guess it is better if we stop consuming meat step-by-step. It is just my viewpoint . Just imagine, will we kill the cows/pigs/chickens/goats etc which most people eat normally, if they see those animals like our pets?
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@MALUSE (43692)
• Uzbekistan
13 Dec 15
I don't eat meat but I don't preach vegetarianism.
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• Chennai, India
13 Dec 15
Yes friend, i was just telling my views after i read the article on AOL as it touched my heart. So i started a topic on it :) I am not preaching :) In the end it is up to the people who make their own choices :)
@parpande (673)
• Bangalore, India
15 Dec 15
I prefer being vegan and I like ML comment on preaching of being vegeterian . Secondarily , it`s upto anyone`s individual preference but one noticeable thing is being Vegan is very challenging unless they prefer food outside . Obviously , the search for veggies option in a menu is turning narrower .
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