Every (Pete) Rose Has Its Thorn

@FourWalls (14680)
United States
December 14, 2015 8:29pm CST
If you follow baseball it really shouldn't come as a surprise that new baseball commissioner Rob Manfred rejected baseball's all-time hits leader Pete Rose's application to be reinstated. Rose was banned from baseball for life in 1989 by commissioner Bart Giamatti. Rose agreed to the ban after allegations surfaced that he bet on baseball while a player and manager for the Cincinnati Reds, including Reds games. For over a decade Rose vehemently denied that he had ever bet on baseball. Then, after 15 years of repeated denials (and a stint in federal prison for tax evasion), Rose wrote a book, My Prison Without Bars, acknowledging that everything was true: he'd bet on baseball (which is forbidden by MLB rules), he'd bet on his team every night, and he'd been lying to his fans, the baseball community, and the public since the ban. He later said he "came clean" in the book in hopes of being reinstated to baseball (which would enable him to, among other things, become eligible for induction into the Baseball Hall of Fame). Throughout his tenure as baseball commissioner, Bud Selig said he wouldn't even consider Rose's application. Manfred replaced Selig as commissioner in early 2015 and promised to give Rose's application for reinstatement consideration. He did...and today (12/14) he turned it down. In his explanation Manfred said that there was ample evidence that Rose had not repented, continuing to bet on sports (including baseball) and showing no real remorse for his actions. Pete Rose is one of the greatest players I've ever seen play the game. His arrogance, however, displayed in his blatant lying to fans, baseball, and the world, however, shows that he only cares about himself and not the game of baseball. I love Pete Rose the player, but I'm glad Pete Rose the unrepentant lying rule-breaker is still banned from baseball.
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@marlina (76703)
• Canada
19 Dec 15
My 3 men here used to love him too as a player but after that not as a person.
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@FourWalls (14680)
• United States
19 Dec 15
That's exactly how I feel. As far as a player goes, I've never seen a better player in my life than Pete Rose. As a person, however, I find him to be an arrogant jerk who's getting everything he has coming to him for the blatant way he disregarded the rules of baseball and the trust of his fans.
@JohnRoberts (61193)
• Los Angeles, California
21 May 16
Regardless of his lies and whatever, Rose's stats and hustle and accomplishments merit HOF and it's ridiculous to keep him out as a "statement" when he is the greater player than the majority of inductees.
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