My dog said...

December 15, 2015 1:27pm CST
I just got home. And I'm tired. And I'm sitting on the sofa and my dog walks up to me, toy in mouth, and flings it in my face. It hits me and falls to the floor. Then she starts barking at me. She stops. Looks at the toy and starts barking at me again. I'm really tired but again so impressed because although she really can't speak English she more or less clearly told me what she wants. That is to say, she communicated. Mmmmmm, and since I still haven't done what she actually wants... She's still barking at me.
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@bluesa (15115)
• Johannesburg, South Africa
15 Dec 15
@HebrewGreekStudies , Ha ha ha! She, uhm, is indeed very clearly letting you know that it is time to entertain her, and you can be tired later. You wants the barking to stop? Throw the toy! :-D :-D
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• Canada
16 Dec 15
Rest assured, she is 110 the end she get's her way;)
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@RonElFran (1139)
• Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania
15 Dec 15
Sometimes, even when you are tired, you have to make the effort to please those you love.
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@MALUSE (43661)
• Uzbekistan
15 Dec 15
I'm sure your dog can also communicate in foreign languages.
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