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December 20, 2015 6:34pm CST
I have a tendancy to dart from one thing to another in my head. This happens so suddenly that it appears to be a seamless transition; my mind accepts these silly shenanigans as though they are the norm. We saw the new Star Wars offering on Thursday. Oh, don't we have The Clone Wars on Blu-ray? Clones? I wonder what would happen if we cloned an evil person. *ponder* This was my thought process last night. I'm wondering if it was partly because Husband had shown me a photo of Hitler in a kimono whilst I was pondering. Inevitably I began to get a little too engrossed in the ideas swirling around in my head. Now that we know about DNA and cloning, amongst other stuff, couldn't we clone someone who had evil intentions in life {Hitler, for example}? He could be raised by loving parents, given lots of positive opportunities and experiences, and just generally have a fairly decent and disciplined childhood in which he's taught tolerance and morals. Nature or nurture? Wouldn't it be one way to find out once and for all? Obviously, in order for it to be a fair piece of experimental research, there would need to be quite a few Hitler {or other} clones being raised in different environments. Plus, we ought to clone a few other 'bad' people too. And of course, clone some 'good' guys and enable them to experience different scenarios, both good and bad. Will clones of evil people be evil regardless? And will clones of lovely people always be lovely despite the poo thrown at them by life? I like my idea. I'm not sure it's ethical, but hey-ho.
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