The Creep (Part 2)

By Lola
@Lolaze (3168)
United States
December 22, 2015 5:39pm CST
It was over the next five days that I found out such disturbing things. First, he was constantly texting my friend wanting her to talk to me, wanting to know if I was talking to her about him, etc. A mutual friend then contacted me - she was very worried for me. Apparently this guy was calling me "his" and had been talking nonstop about me for the past few weeks. She was worried to the point that she wondered if he was going to show up at my house. Despite everyone telling him to leave me alone, he contacted me via Facebook that Sunday. I got in touch with the center's director and that Monday both my friend and me went to talk to her. It was nervewracking because he was there but in a group at the time. When we explained everything that happened and decided that he would only be allowed to speak to me at the center and have some rules about less contact with my friend - we called him in to expain it all to him. He refused to admit that anything he'd done was wrong and complained that these new rules were happening without any warning. He had plenty warnings...all the times I spoke to him about the obsessive texting! His main concern during the conversation was how he could reverse the consequences. He brought it up at least half a dozen times if the consequences with me were forever and I kept telling him "Yep, pretty much." The real fun started the next week. He showed up to a group I was in and sat down near me. I didn't acknowlege him or look at him. Later that day my friend got a text from him going on about how I didn't acknowlege him and gave him the cold shoulder, how I wasn't Christian because I wouldn't forgive and forget the things he'd done. Then he added that if all his friends acted like me, he'd have no friends. That certainly tells you something about his behavior towards people! I knew what he said because, of course, my friend forwarded the text to me. And that was the absoulute last straw. I wrote him a letter telling him he was no longer even allowed to talk to me at the center like we'd originally agreed on, if he wants to talk about being Christian lets list the commandments he'd broken, and to stop talking about me because everything would get back to me. I even threatened to involve the police if I had to. He backed off and even stayed away from the center for a bit. I found out yesterday though that he is still obsessed with me. He called my friend into one of the rooms and asked if I ever say his name! She lied and said no - I told her if he asks again to say only in relation to how much I dislike him. He also was asking her if she thought I'd ever talk to him again - another no. The kicker is, he's still pretending to not understand why all the consequences happened. We know he's just playing dumb. Now I finally understand why he hangs out with developmentally disabled people, he can easily manipulate them and get them to do whatever he wants. He tried to do that to my friend and me - it ended up blowing up in his face.
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@louievill (20371)
• Philippines
23 Dec 15
I've been waiting for part II, seems like he's not only a creep but one hell of an eccentric, egotistic, SOB!