From Now On, I Promise to Record... New Years Resolution?

College Park, Maryland
December 30, 2015 7:37pm CST
My father...his name is Tommy. He is the funniest person I know. Many times I see people gather around him simply because they are waiting to laugh. I find I am one of them. I will sit and wait for my father to do something silly or unbelievable. Recently, he came to me talking about some Alcupulco Gold, which I am assuming are drugs. I had to look up the spelling. His stories are hilarious! I found myself taking a needed break from my work and listening to his drug story for no other reason than to be entertained.. I honestly believe if Tommy had a television show, I would watch it. Often times my sisters and I have captured brief moments when he is in this "funny man" mood but he has told us that these videos are never to make it to the internet. However I do think the world is missing Tommy. In my listening to him, I realized that I do miss times where I could have recorded myself while talking to myself so I can have these ideas for later and I could record him for further laughter later on (and maybe inspiration if I decided to become crazy). So I guess my New Year's Resolution is to record more. I am so bad with any audio, video, or picture captures. I never remember to get the camera. What are some trigger points to help me to remember to record?
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@birjudanak (7293)
• India
31 Dec 15
from your talk i am eager to see your dad as you described he is very funny and always make laugh others,its good habit and good thing for health to that laughing is good exercise. you can also put his video i am also want to see your recorder voice and video ..are you make laugh to others..
• College Park, Maryland
31 Dec 15
Lol! It's funny because we are trying to convince him to let us leak the videos. He doesn't like them himself so as soon as we get the green light, I will introduce Tommy. He will make the biggest Epic Fail Videos Ever! Thanks so much! Hopefully Coming Soon!
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• India
1 Jan 16
@Shavydavy sometimes good that not leak video as he not like but if he like you can put on website and you are lucky person whose father is very entertaining person and due to him house is always happy and smiling...
• Clarksville, Tennessee
7 Jan 16
I'm with you on that one. Sometimes, the best memories are the ones that we don't record or don't take a picture of. Society has become so wrapped up in recording everything. I am one of those individuals- with apps like SnapChat that make recording different things fun. I've started recording like snippets of life and putting them on SnapChat- if it is something I want to remember I download the video before it goes away...