the relationship of the tyrant and the witch doctor

November 24, 2006 6:16am CST
A witch doctor is a man of faith, blind faith, he denounces earthly pleasures of the body and believes that this world is unimportant, that what is far more vital is life after death, a manifestation of his futility to have material pleasure is his wish that there is another life in a fantacy world were his wish or whim will do it for him without moving or toiling. While the tyrant is someone without a mind, a man of body, his only means of living is his instinct, his brute force, so the two joined together to form an alliance, where in the witch doctor can think and the tyrant will move for him, and the tyrant could find peace in the witch doctors justification of his violence as destined to happen by will of god. just like italy and germany in world war II, the catholic church and hitler, a perfect example of the wizard and the king, merlin and king arthur. hope america does'nt fall prey to this mentality of imperialism for it is the last hope of this world.
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