How you carry yourself is more important than what you wear

@scheng1 (24755)
January 4, 2016 7:51am CST
It is not what you wear that is important. The important thing is how you carry yourself. There are some people who wear designer clothes, carry an expensive bag, wear expensive shoes, yet slouch and drag their feet when they walk. They do not even know how to stand properly, walk properly, and sit properly. These are the people who do not give an air of confidence, and importance. A rich person can put on an old T-shirt with holes, wear slippers, and yet gives an air of importance by his walking posture, his standing posture, and the way he speaks. That is why you should learn to walk and talk with confidence, as if you are a billionaire worthy of the attention of the world.
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@MALUSE (41234)
• Germany
4 Jan 16
Why a rich person? Even poor people can make a good impression if they know how to walk and wear things.
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@youless (92268)
• Guangzhou, China
6 Jan 16
In fact only shallow people will really think wearing expensive clothes will be attractive. On the contrary, a real rich person may not really mind how to dress himself/herself. Perhaps casual dressing is much more suitable for them. Look at Steve Jobs, he wore the same in public all the time