Use of Smart phone is good or bad to the human live

Mumbai, India
January 4, 2016 5:56pm CST
As we know every coin have two side in the sense the mobile also have it's own advantages and disadvantages. As per my understanding advantages of using smart phone 1. Easy to access any information on the phone. 2. Quickest mean of communication 3. You can enjoy music, play movies and games 4. Store the data so you did not require to maintain the dairies 5. Saving of cost as it doesn't require any cables for network As per my understanding disadvantages of using smart phone 1. If you using smart phone more than the required then you will be gifted with glasses on your eyes 2. Increase dependency so you forgot to remember as I really don't know the numbers of my nearest ones 3. Increase in laziness no physical playing of games as you will become engaged in playing mobile games it causes imbalance of body and might be the reason for diabetes and blood pressure problems. 4. Increase the risk of loneliness as because you will avoid personally meeting the peoples and gets busy with the mobile and mobile. 5. Signals catching in the mobile may cause for heart attack problems. 6. You will forgot to enjoy your personal life as you have addicted to mobile and you will never meet the people face to face. Please share and comment if any one think I am wrong or any other device is ther which will helps us to override the above dis advantages.
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@saurabhrmp (2318)
• Hyderabad, India
5 Jan 16
I completely agree wit you. If you use the phone more then it will create problem from this phone.
@trivia79 (7887)
• El Segundo, California
5 Jan 16
The most obvious disadvantage would be the radiation. In fact, in a research conducted in early 2000s, using cellphones lead to lower IQ. This is because of the shortening of words and using slang languages on text message. but that was before, now the worst one can get from using cellphones are headaches and stress. That's all thank you haha
@Missmwngi (10787)
• Nairobi, Kenya
5 Jan 16
I agree with your points. We need to mind how we use them
@mommaj (22893)
• United States
5 Jan 16
Not to mention talking while driving, or even walking seems to cause accidents. Texting and driving or walking also causes accidents. Looks like the cons outweigh the pros. Still not getting rid of the life line though.