It's Time To Be Your Own Superman.

Santa Clara, California
January 5, 2016 12:21pm CST
I learned many things last year, but there were moments that really stood out for me. I work in youth and community development and 2015 truly opened up my eyes to world of people waiting for so many things to change their lives. People are waiting on handouts from neighbors and government. People are waiting for motivation and energy that in many cases never come. People are waiting for that business idea that will make them rich. Until that comes they are waiting on the loan from a friend to see them through until the idea comes. I don't think the world is a mean place and I think people still look out for people. But I also see a world where resources are harder to get. More people are taking extra jobs or finding ways online to make an extra buck. It gets harder every single day to give a loan or to stay long enough to motivate someone, especially when it's so hard for them to realize the potential they have. Sometimes we have to be our own heroes and save our ourselves from poverty and lack. We all have that potential to do something that will light our own internal fire. I want to be my own Superman.
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@Scindhia (1943)
• Chennai, India
6 Jan 16
There is a mad rush for everything in life literally and figuratively. It is true we have to be our own super heroes and at times for the sake of ones who have lesser voice than us. We have the power to lift our self up and to lend a hand for the upliftment for others around us.
@mnjhun1 (226)
• Peru
6 Jan 16
The question is, how? Some people are still like babies. They need to be guided. That's why some of them are waiting. They're probably unsure when, where, what and how to start.
@Missmwngi (10633)
• Nairobi, Kenya
5 Jan 16
That is motivating,nice lesson you learnt
@Morleyhunt (20260)
• Canada
5 Jan 16
We should not wait for someone to do it for us. Pull ourselves up and do what needs doing.