Parallel Earth - Reality of Just a mere Science Fiction ?

@alec13 (26)
January 6, 2016 3:14am CST
Is there another version version of me out there somewhere? Well quantam mechanics say so... But is it real? for instance the thing we may term as ghost might be a distorted images of someone that we see in a parallel world? Does parallel world collide with the world we believe to be real? can anybody enlighten me upon this?
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10 Mar
I believe there exists many versions of ourselves, just as many realities exist. When you believe something in your mind to be true, you manifest that into reality, and because we have a lot of beliefs, there are a lot of realities, it's just that those thoughts you focus on the most are the ones that gravitate to this reality, if that makes sense...anything is possible, even the word "impossible" says "I'm-possible"
@Plethos (10890)
• United States
6 Jan 16
multi-universes, parallel universes theories are really amazing to read about. comic books are full of story lines based on these theories.