Tips on investing stocks and Mutual Funds

January 6, 2016 8:21am CST
I never trusted investment bankers to be honest because if they are really expert, then they should be buying stocks, right? Not selling advice. However, a lot of people are telling me to invest on stocks, bonds and mutual funds at an early age and I feel like I'm missing something. I also want to invest my money in order not to spend it on stupid things. I hope you could give me some advice in stocks and mutual funds or whether I should invest. Sending me book title about investing will be a great help too. For Filipinos out there, please suggest a respectable company to invest. Thank you so much. I love my Lot but upon visiting this old account again, all my earnings were gone.
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@amadeo (70332)
• United States
6 Jan 16
You better hold off for now.Stock market been dropping every day.But you may find some stock well below par
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• Greece
6 Jan 16
Thank you for the logical advice, Alfredo. I'm scared to invest in the stock market because I have a family member who has her lifetime savings invested in the stock market and I could see how she reacts whenever stocks are down. She sometimes put her frustrations on me because we live in the same house as if I'm the one who's controlling the economy We don't live in the same country but I guess it applies in our country too. Stock market is like gambling if you ask me although not directly and I don't like gambling with my hard-earned money. But honestly, all the books and articles about investing at a young age is seriously tempting and making me feel that everyone's going to be rich except me because I didn't invest in my younger days. Hahahaha! You know, they even conduct financial seminars about this stuff, luring younger people to invest inthe stock market.
@JudyEv (130090)
• Bunbury, Australia
7 Jan 16
I don't know anything about stocks and shares but I hope someone can help you.
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