The Circumcision Debate

January 6, 2016 12:50pm CST
Please post why you would or would not circumcise your child. Personally, I am involved in the anti circumcision world, my son is healthy and intact. Here are some main facts: 117 babies killed each year 20,000 nerve endings When Intact, Don't Retract 16+ functions His body. His choice
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@MALUSE (46031)
• Uzbekistan
6 Jan 16
I think you're right.
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@ShyBear88 (18618)
• United States
26 Jan 16
I'm not against or for it. I'm a mom of three and I have two boys and yes both have had a circumcision it was our choice both me and my husband made. Both sides have pros and cons. Both of my boys are healthy, no issues with their circ and not even a fever. Hubby has his done as well when he was a baby. I know some people say you can't feel things when it happens but done right you'll feel plenty.
20 Jan 16
Personally, I would like to find someone who does support circumcision and do believe it's the parents' decision. You've pretty much covered all the arguments of why it shouldn't be done. The only time I can excuse it is if having the foreskin actually bothers the male. And regardless if there are medical benefits, which haven't been proven, even the religious routine should disgust people.
@trivia79 (7887)
• El Segundo, California
7 Jan 16
Studies revealed that having not circumcised is more prone to infections on that area.
@amadeo (78693)
• United States
6 Jan 16
most people who do this.Something about religion.BS.I would not do it.I am not.