I'm so tired!

Shenzhen, China
January 6, 2016 11:29pm CST
Maybe you noticed that recently I have not updated mylot a long time. Because there a terrible things happened on me. Last week, the company's Personnel Department told me that my boss want to cancel my works departments, so they need to fire me. So I had faced the sad situation and then prepare to discuss the compensation. Because the company want to fire me, they need to compensate me 2.5 months' wages according to the Labor Law. But they seems do not want to compensate me months' wages but only one month. So I consulted a lawyer and he told me my company is break the law and they must compensate me 2.5 months' wages . So we still need to discuss the issue of compensation. However, during this time, I found that my Labor Contract has been expired about two months and company seems did not renew my contract. According to the law, they also need to compensate me another double salary for the Labor Contract expired. But they told me that they will not compensate me and today the Personnel Department give me a new contract and told me the boss decide keep the apartment. I'm so tired for this situation and I think I will not sign this contract. Why do you playing with me?I just a young girl which works on a strange city. So terrible things, the company, the boss. I'm so tired!
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@shshiju (10572)
• Cochin, India
7 Jan 16
It is sad to hear that, after the disputes were over company changing is safe.
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• Shenzhen, China
9 Jan 16
right. I just hope this problems can be solved soon
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@LadyDuck (170684)
• Switzerland
7 Jan 16
I am really sorry, this is a sad situation, how can you work relaxed in a company like this?
@youless (93104)
• Guangzhou, China
7 Jan 16
I am sorry to hear that. In our country the employers are really tricky and I think somewhat our government doesn't do a well job in this aspect. The employees are always the weakers. Of course we can seek help according to the law, however, it not only spends you long time but also money because of the lawyer. If the employers will suffer a serious punishment because of breaking the law, perhaps they will learn how to follow the law correctly.
@JudyEv (130204)
• Bunbury, Australia
7 Jan 16
That's very sad - and very unethical of the company. I hope you are able to stick up for yourself and make sure you get what is owing to you. Good luck.