@bbooth (28)
United States
January 7, 2016 1:22am CST
Interested in getting to know other home-school families here on MyLot. We have been homeschooling for the past three years and have not looked back. I suppose what I would like is to find a few homeschooling parents that can offer encouragement and ideas on ways that I can improve our experience. If you do homeschool, what does your school day/night look like? How many hours do you spend schooling each week? What have you found to be the pros/cons of homeschooling?
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@dodoazo (17383)
• Philippines
7 Jan 16
In our country, homeschooling is never practiced. I think since homeschooling is introduced as an alternate for a formal school, it has of course some advantages as compared to a formal one. I know other are very willing to share it here their best practices and experiences on this.
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@bbooth (28)
• United States
7 Jan 16
Thank you for sharing your country's school practices. I think the thing I love the most about homeschooling is not having to be on a set schedule as far as when we must have something completed, we work at our own pace. We also enjoy being able to do our schooling at night when things have calmed down from the busy day.
@gnatsmom (1194)
20 Aug
I have been homeschool for about 24 years. I have graduated my first 3 and our caboose is in 10th grade. I wouldn't choose any other way. The pros are 1. no federally mandated curriculum 2. your child's learning style and personality are in the forefront 3. the parent imparts their values to their child 4. your child can excel where God has gifted them and follow their dreams. The cons, for me, have been selfish family members who think, because we homeschool, we have no schedule or demands and they want us to change our responsibilities and time to accommodate them. As far as the time we spend, each day differs. It is dependent on the assignments, field trips, and extra curricular scheduled for each particular day.
@cherriefic (4331)
• Baguio, Philippines
11 Jan 16
Homeschooling seems to be a good idea if you have the training to do so. But the children might have some issues with socializing with other people as they grow. You can check other sources regarding that.
@youless (90476)
• Guangzhou, China
7 Jan 16
In my country, all children must go to school and home-school is now allowed. Of course you can teach your children, but they also have to go to school.