Work Online Websites Which is Legitimate And Stable, High Pay Rate, Easy to Work And Easy to Reach Minimum Pay Out

Marikina, Philippines
January 7, 2016 6:55am CST
Is there any work online websites that has high pay rate, easy to work and easy to reach minimum pay out? I know that majority of work online websites has low pay rate because of work which does not require effort and so, its fine with me. Still, I will join any work online websites as long as legitimate and stable. I have joined Neobux, Clixsense, and Humanatic(dot)com. I have received money from Neobux already but, I need to join another work online so that I will invest some of my money to Neobux, Clixsense and Also, I have received money from Humanatic(dot)com too and I expend some of my money to Neobux but, its difficult for me to work in Humanatic(dot)com because I only earn a cent, and I work less in Humanatic. I do not have time to work 8 hours or 10 hours in Humanatic(dot)com due to busy schedule to my other work online activities. Is anyone knows any work online websites which I can spend less time but pays good decent amount of money to members? If you know any work online websites, please, let me know. Sorry. My english is not perfect so I hope you understand all that I wrote here on my thread topic.
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@salonga (28016)
• Philippines
7 Jan 16
I am afraid there is no such site at the moment.
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• Marikina, Philippines
7 Jan 16
Oh. Okay. Thank you very much.
• Estonia
7 Jan 16
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@amnabas (10282)
• Karachi, Pakistan
7 Jan 16
That's already good that you are earning what more you need?
• Marikina, Philippines
18 Jan 16
@anh101 I invest it on *rented referrals* that is why I easily reach my first pay out from Neobux and I extended my *rented referrals* to 240 days. Its only $0.6 for *three rented referrals*.
@anh101 (1380)
19 Jan 16
@IntrovertShy i can rent right now with 3 referrals, neobux payout 2$ the first time, and increase until 9$ then you can check out from 10$ forever right?. Thinking to rent referrals, I made my check out already just to check if its working. Now will be renting, any suggestions for me?
@aju007 (1470)
• Thiruvananthapuram, India
7 Jan 16
Can I give you one site on pm?
• Marikina, Philippines
7 Jan 16
Sure. PM me.
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@tarotmore (114)
• Seattle, Washington
12 Jan 16
Don't sweat it! Your English is awesome! Anyway, one site I've been having luck with is Tellwut. It doesn't have an option for Paypal/cash, but there is Amazon, and it's pretty easy to rack up points. There is also Paid Viewpoint, which is supposed to be pretty good, but I only recently started with that one. So far, so good, and the reviews on it are good. Again, these sites won't make you rich quick, but I find they pay well for the amount of time invested. If you like, I can message you with more info. This blog might also be helpful. I've been referring to it during my own research:
@cherriefic (4692)
• Baguio, Philippines
11 Jan 16
What your looking for is a perfect website. Sad to say it doesn't exist. You may want to stick up around here as you can learn a lot of things and earn money at the same time.
@GardenGerty (99325)
• United States
7 Jan 16
MyLot is still the one site open to international members that pays the best. If you put the time in you make the money.
• Jacksonville, Florida
7 Jan 16
Any site you join takes work online and time.