Day care vs at home care

Lafayette, Louisiana
January 7, 2016 7:53am CST
I always said when I had kids I would never put my child in day care. After I had my son I was able to go back to work and had family or his daddy keep him. Now I am not so fortunate for I no longer have a reliable sitter so after weighing my options we have decided to put him in a daycare so I can continue to work. (Which still scares the heck out of me) If you had a choice (and if money wasn't an issue of course) would you choose day care or at home sitter?
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• Jacksonville, Florida
7 Jan 16
I have worked in Daycare's and I wouldn't put my children in one. I prefer an at home childcare if I had to choose. You can find a really good babysitter/provider who can give more love and attention to the children-the Daycare's have no one on one attention for the kids-there are too many of them. Sometimes there are mean kids who beat up on others and teachers cannot possibly catch it all.
@Platespinner (16782)
• Winston Salem, North Carolina
7 Jan 16
When my boys were small I worked evenings so my husband could stay with our children. When his schedule pushed him into twelve hour days on a 2 on 3 off, 2 on 2 off schedule we had had a teenage neighbour watch them for the three hour overlap between our schedules (with her mom next door for back up). When my husband was told his shift would be six weeks of days and then six weeks of nights we decided it was time for me to quit and stay home with the kids full time. It was a stretch financially, and we struggled to make ends meet for many years, but I never regretted the decision. The boys are now 19 and 21 and our girls are 17 and nearly 15 and I am still at home teaching the girls (we homeschool), only for a few more years though, and then it will be time for me to start looking for a job
@fishtiger58 (30337)
• Momence, Illinois
7 Jan 16
A family member is ideal, sometimes we don't have that choice. When my kids were young and my husband and I were both working, I changed my shirt and only worked when my husband was home. We didn't get to see much of each other but that's what you do to keep your kids safe.