Performance pressure and suicide.

January 8, 2016 1:49am CST
Few minutes back I read an article about a student committing suicide because of poor performance in academics. I really feel sorry, not only for the student but for the loved ones who are left behind. Are grades so important than life ??? I can't understand why people can't take failure and take such drastic steps. Sad.
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@ria1606roy (2844)
• Kolkata, India
8 Jan 16
There's circumstance and then there's the student himself. Maybe the student is strong-willed, but the constant pressure by family to achieve something ultimately breaks the integrity and will power. On the other hand, some students fear embarrassing talks about failure and cannot face their own results. Their mind cannot cope. In an impulse or a not-so-thought-out decision, they take their own lives in belief that it will be the end to their and everyone's sufferings due to them. However the people who love them are left behind with only a memory. In our country, counselling is lacking among students on how to cope with the pressure of higher academics. It is inevitable in such a populous country with poor infrastructure. Regular talk shows and counselling broadcasts on radio and tv, also on social media should be implemented, because it can reach a far greater number of people, saying that one bad failure is not the end of the world. There's still hope.
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• United States
12 Jan 16
This is sad, taking ones life for any reason is sad, but there must have been an enormous amount of pressure put on that individual and having a low self esteem feeling grades are what a person should be valued by, makes feeling 'best' difficult
@cherriefic (4805)
• Philippines
10 Jan 16
That's very sad. Maybe the student takes it too seriously lot the pressure from his family is too much. It can sometimes end with that.