Hip Sleeping

@RasmaSandra (13387)
Riga, Latvia
January 8, 2016 11:45am CST
This is something new in our house since the freezing temps hit us. Every night as I get ready for tucking under the blankets our cat Sid hops up and so that it would be warmer for him he gets up on my right or left hip and sleeps there. During the night when I move he leaps off, has something to eat and right when I am drifting off again he jumps up and scares me half to death. Then we settle down and Sid does some more hip sleeping. He comes up with all kinds of crazy things if he thinks they will benefit him in some way. Right now the sun is already going down but Sid managed to catch some rays by jumping up on an end table totally ignoring the fact that there are framed pictures and other knick-knacks upon it. He is still there since I am at my PC and there is no hip sleeping to be done.
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@sharon6345 (109684)
• United States
8 Jan 16
When I read the title I was like Huh,I read the rest and it became cute to me. Sammy will wait till I am sleeping and lay right up on my chest area. At night I had to shut the door an lock him out or he would scare me half out my mind. My mom has to lock smokey out or he would scare her too.
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• Lakewood, Colorado
8 Jan 16
He sounds a real ingenious fellow. He knows where the warmth and the love is for him.
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@LadyDuck (121834)
• Switzerland
8 Jan 16
Poor Sid, cats love warm temperatures, he is trying to get the most of the sun.
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