What are the first three things you will do if you win a 100million dollars lottery ticket?

January 10, 2016 2:41am CST
Hi there, Just this morning, my younger sister and I were discussing about what will be the first three things we will be doing if we win a 100million dollars lottery ticket. Here are my first three things: 1. Give :). The first thing I will be doing is to give. There are so many people I know who are in dire needs nowadays. I will give to those who has none. 2. Family Vacation The second will be a family vacation. My family and I will be going to a very relaxing places where we can take all our stresses away and taste all the things we want and experience.. 3. Invest Investing will be the third. Some million dollars can easily be gone if we continuously spend them.. Better to make it big to help others through employment and charity:).. That's it.. What are the first three things you'd like to do if you happen to be a suddenly millionaire?
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@kataomoi (706)
• Japan
10 Jan 16
I would pay off all of my (and my sisters') student loans first. Then I'd buy a house for my parents. I'd donate half of whatever is left and save half of it for the future 8D Too bad I didn't win the Powerball though.
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@sharon6345 (138010)
• United States
11 Jan 16
I would stay home for a week to get my thoughts together I would get a legal lawyer to sit down and draw out paper work for my family and friends checks. I would open a house for battered woman and they would have the bet money could buy.
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@Mbalie (319)
• South Africa
10 Jan 16
I see the lotto has most people excited these days. Yoh that's a load of cash. Would probably travel the world and secure a good future for myself and loved ones.
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• Secunderabad, India
11 Jan 16
I will go for a world tour with my family and give some money to charity and poor people lastly I will invest some money for future!
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@Scindhia (1943)
• Chennai, India
11 Jan 16
First, I will pinch myself to check if this is really happening. Second I would call my family with the good news. Third, I would finish my loans.
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@else34 (13602)
• New Delhi, India
10 Jan 16
@roselavon25,First of all,I will buy a spacious house for my family.Then buy the books I want to read and then visit some Hindu pilgrimage places with my family.
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• Manila, Philippines
10 Jan 16
Hi! I'm a new user to Mylot! But I've been a member 5 years ago but the account got dormant. If I will win in a lottery. 1. I will finish my studies in a reputable school and pursue higher education like Master's. This is a priority. 2. I will secure my son's education making sure even though he's still a year old he will get the best education. 3. I will setup a retirement plan and have passive income. The rest I will give it to my parents and buy a house. I will so donate part of the winnings to my beloved parish church.
@cherriefic (4805)
• Philippines
10 Jan 16
I'm sure that I will passed out first. But once I wake up, I'm gonna make sure to compose myself before claiming my prize. I think I will invest most of it and have my own charity.
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@MALUSE (43483)
• Uzbekistan
15 Apr
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@softbabe44 (5899)
• Vancouver, Washington
10 Jan 16
1 I would pay off all the bills 2 I would help my family and my church 3.buy a house