Why would anybody want to steal Obamas dog?

Vancouver, Washington
January 10, 2016 12:28pm CST
Well from what I understand he didn't get him the secret service in Minnesota got him before he did it could be something to have to do with holding the poor thing hostage the secret service watches the dog to that's a good thing .This guy was searched and found a billy club a shotgun, a rifle he wasn't registered to carry none of it he got a big payday he thought but what he got was an ankle monitor What do you think was the idea behind this?
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@Marcyaz (35620)
• United States
10 Jan 16
The secret service found the guy, wow he had some deadly weapons on him and must have wanted to do some real damage.
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@Inlemay (16730)
• South Africa
12 Jan 16
that is so cruel to the dog - imagine how unsettling he must be. My dog got lost once and when we got her back she had overnight diabetes from the shock of being lost
• United States
11 Jan 16
Crazy world we live in
@topffer (35538)
• France
11 Jan 16
I read that he said once that he was Jesus Christ and another time that he was the son of John Kennedy and Marilyn Monroe. The only good plan for this guy is a lunatic asylum plan.
@amadeo (70410)
• United States
10 Jan 16
I want attention.I have been ignored for so many years.
• Brookville, Pennsylvania
10 Jan 16
Probably the master plan of a Republican fat cat. Badum-ching.