Suicidal people in Coffins

Lima, Peru
January 14, 2016 11:17pm CST
This issue is rampant to different countries. Depression and pressure from their everyday life are slowly collecting the lives of people who can't find hope or an escape to all of these Sadly this crisis is claiming lives of adults or elderly who are terrified on facing their financial burdens and now our young generations are also affected by this crisis, they are teenagers who can't cope with life's challenges. People who believe that failure is not even an option, that mistake is equivalent to a useless life. Experts and different groups are looking for ways to help this people from whatever that they have that is causing to end their lives. Recently a new treatment was made and applied in South Korea. How does it work? Well, simple, suicidal people are made to write down their last will and express anything that they have in a letter to their love ones. People are also dressed in their traditional funeral clothes, holding their funeral photos and then made them sit in their coffins. As they lay into their coffins, they are given 10 minutes to reflect on their lives. While they are sealed in the coffins, it gives them time to think about the good things that they have in their lives. The results? After this some emerge into tears after experiencing their own death and understanding how being alive can make a difference. What I think about this? I can't judge people for whatever reasons that they may have for wanting to end their lives. I can't say if their problems are small or not big enough for them to come out with a senseless solution. I am not them and I haven't been into their shoes to judge their thoughts and emotions that make them decide that suicide is the best way to do things. What I do know, is that life will always be full of struggles, problems and challenges. On the other hand it is also full of happiness and laughters, both positive and negative things in life will always go together. This is the truth about life and that's what makes it beautiful, knowing that we need to fight for everydays' life struggles is what makes life an exciting adventure. We may not change how things are but we surely can change how we see things. If you take life negatively then you'll see no hope nor reason for life, but if you change the way you see all the challenges that are coming your way then you'll understand that these will serve you better in the near future. Life can push you around, but the more you are challenged, you come to be a better and stronger person. Enjoy life, we only have limited time guys. Nobody can live forever. Death will come to all of us, just be patient and wait for your turn. But until that day comes make sure you made the best of your life. So when you die, you can smile and say '' I put up a good fight! '' and would not regret anything before leaving.
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@MALUSE (39041)
• Germany
15 Jan 16
The fact that there's a hall full of people sitting in coffins makes the scenario ridiculous for me. It looks just like the latest fad,