The moon and the sun

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
January 17, 2016 12:56pm CST
While checking weather information I glanced at the sunrise and set information and had a duh moment. Cause today the sunset will be at 5p and the moon will rise at 1242p, that's 7+ hours later! I always thought they rotated, like Sun goes down, moon takes over. Really thought one or the other was always 24/7 in the sky. Btw, tomorrow morning the moon sets at 253a, and the sun clocks in a little after 7a. 4 hours later.
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@pgiblett (6587)
• Canada
17 Jan 16
No the Earth rotates on its axis ar a different rate than the moon rotates around the planet. Many times the moon will rise during the day and set before the evening, meaning the night has no moon.