2-game Sunday

@nanette64 (17854)
Fairfield, Texas
January 18, 2016 10:33am CST
Seahawks/Panthers: I guess the Seahawks didn't think they should show up until the second half of the game. What on earth was Russell Wilson or the coaches thinking?! At the end of the 1st half it was Panthers 31- Seahawks 0. It wasn't until Wilson started taking the snap and throwing immediately that they took over the 2nd half of the game. A little too late, mind you. Final score: Panthers 31-Seahawks 24. That puts the Panthers and the Cardinals in the final play-offs next Sunday. Steelers/Broncos: This was a back and forth game of mostly Field Goals and neither quarterback really played that well; in my opinion. It didn't help though that the wind was blowing about 5,000 mph either. It didn't help either that Roethlisberger got sacked 4 times in the game. Final score: Broncos 23- Steelers 16. That means the Broncos and the Patriots will be in the other play-off game next Sunday. These 2 games next week will determine who will go to Super Bowl 50. My picks for next Sunday will be the Panthers and the Patriots as the winners.
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