Seven Childhood Memories Challenge

@tammys85 (13338)
United States
January 19, 2016 4:30pm CST
Helloooo, everyone. I saw several MyLotters taking part in the Seven Childhood Memories Challenge, and I want to give it a whirl myself. Sooo, here it goes.... 1. My younger sister (who is only about two years younger than me) and I once at a huge water fight with the neighborhood kids. I don't even remember how it started, just that I got thrown into an inflatable pool lol. It was a lot of fun though. :) 2. I had eye surgery three times growing up - I was 4, 7 and 8 years old. I remember bits and pieces from each experience, but it's not something you just forget. 3. I attended my first wrestling event when I was about 12 years old. It was a non-televised WCW (World Championship Wrestling) event, and it was a blast! I didn't attend my first WWF (now known as the WWE) event until I was 14 years old. 4. Visits to Grandmom's house, and playing in the backyard. My older sister and I stayed the weekend at one point. We were supposed to go to Hershey Park, but it was raining, so we went to the mall instead. 5. Making home movies with my older sister, older brother and younger sister when my parents would go out shopping (my eldest brother had already moved out). It was always fun to come up with funny skits or playfully sing in front of the camera lol. 6. I became an Aunt when I was just 7 years old, thanks to my eldest brother and sister-in-law. My younger sister and I are somewhat close in age to our eldest nephew, so it was always fun when he would come over and play with us. 7. Going to the old movie theater up the street to see movies such as Aladdin and Terminator 2. It's an art/creative studio now, but I do remember seeing a few movies there (obviously). Well that was kind of neat, strolling through memory lane. :) I'm gonna get started on my work. I'll try to post something else later, providing I have time and my laptop isn't annoying me. Have a good day, everyone. :)
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@jaboUK (55253)
• United Kingdom
20 Jan 16
Some nice memories there Tammy.
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@JudyEv (147308)
• Bunbury, Australia
19 Jan 16
Thanks for sharing these memories with us. It is interesting to read about other people's childhoods.
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@Morleyhunt (19341)
• Canada
20 Jan 16
There are many similar experiences, and yet some are so different.
@LadyDuck (194958)
• Switzerland
20 Jan 16
I have not yet joined this challenge, it's hard to decide which memories to share. I also loved to stay at my grandmother house.
@MALUSE (46990)
• Uzbekistan
20 Jan 16
I intended to take part in this challenge but found that I had more to say for each event I chose. So I decided to write several posts on Childhood Memories. I'm now preparing No 4. It can be difficult to decide what to include.
@SIMPLYD (87128)
• Philippines
20 Jan 16
Oh my , you had 3 times eye surgery while growing up . I can assume that you were so naughty then that you met those accidents in the eye ?
@pgiblett (6572)
• Canada
20 Jan 16
Eye surgery, I have been there, not something I would wish on anyone. It is something you can never forget. A boyhood friend of mine became an uncle when he was about 10. The concept was something that boggled my mind, till I met my wife's family - my mother in law used to suckle her husband's sister who was born several months after my eldest brother in law.