Missed Concert Number 1

@FourWalls (17022)
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January 19, 2016 11:15pm CST
I've been detailing the concerts I've been to this year. Thus far I've been to three. I was supposed to attend one on Wednesday (1/20), but the weather has forced me to skip it. My trip was to see Steve Forbert. If you're old enough you may remember his "one hit wonder" status from 1980, "Romeo's Tune." If you're not old enough, you're shrugging. That's okay. I would tell you other songs that he's written that were covered by others (such as "What Kinda Guy?" that Roseanne Cash did, or "Samson and Delilah's Beauty Shop," covered by Webb Wilder), but that wouldn't help you realize who he is. I first saw Steve Forbert in 1988. I would never consider him a "favorite" the way I consider people like John Prine or John Hiatt, but still I've managed to see him three times...about once a decade. He released a new album in November, and I liked what I've heard from it. Alas, getting to the concert from where I live involves driving 100 miles on a hilly (complete with several signs saying "Hill - Slow Moving Trucks"), very dark interstate. With a forecast of anywhere from one to five inches of snow (depending on what part of the region one lives it), there's just no way I'm going to risk it. I'm hoping I'll get to catch him again soon. Here's Steve Forbert's best known song:
Taked of the album Jackrabbit Slim (1979), which reached #11 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart in 1980.
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@TRBRocks420 (88928)
• Banks, Oregon
20 Jan 16
Hopefully you make it to the concert and, I am not sure if I have heard of him or not.