Let it out, be human.

January 20, 2016 9:21am CST
That day when everything goes wrong. It could be the silliest of things, like not getting the specific food you wanted, being clumsy, eating alot until you explode. Some of the many things happen, which can really get you to your limit, and you're home now. You want to sleep and finish the day, start anew tomorrow. However, you have a family, hence, talking to them, having dinner, is also mandatory. You hit the sack after munching down on generic food, and you feel like you're sinking. The day was just not good, and you don't feel good, and now you wanna cry. It's OKAY to let it out. It's okay to admit that you've had a horrible day, no matter how it went, one of those days when you can't take it, you can feel your body giving up on you, just be. Be, and exhale all the frustration and tears out. Crying does not make you weak. It shows you're tougher than resorting to other means of relieving yourself. Let it be. Let you breathe. Breathe. You're one of a kind. You're simple. You're natural. You're beautiful.
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• India
20 Jan 16
Good words of wisdom. Of course there are some crazy days when nothing goes our way. We would have thought of something but all goes in vain.