Kingston, Jamaica
January 20, 2016 4:30pm CST
Nature is very great,i just cannot understand why some people would say that god does not exist,if it was not for god there would not have been trees,water and animals,non believers should accept god and live more spiritual
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@Auntylou (4318)
• Oxford, England
21 Jan 16
Life is full of beauty and wonder. Religion is good where it encourages tolerance and the pursuit of knowledge
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@MALUSE (42680)
• Germany
21 Jan 16
Don't tell non-believers what they 'should' do. Stop preaching!
@anggelia (146)
• Indonesia
21 Jan 16
@sayatta, I believe in God. But I think, we can't push everybody to believe in God too because that is depend on the call of their soul.