United Kingdom
January 21, 2016 4:06am CST
ok guys whats your view on steroids and gyms, a lot of people that guys and girls admire and movie stars have taken steroids to beef up for roles etc etc same as a lot of gym goers with what looks like the perfect body have been helped by steroids (not all but a lot) now does it matter to you or not
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@MALUSE (43645)
• Uzbekistan
21 Jan 16
Working out is ok. Taking steroids is the height od stupidity.
• United Kingdom
22 Jan 16
anabolic steroids here in uk aren't illegal to use for your own use they are however illegal to sell and to post in the uk mail, tho a lot of the film stars etc etc and so of the people that people look upto or go he/she got a nice body etc etc are fuelled by steroids if people knew I wonder if attitudes would change about thinking he/she has the perfect body if they reliesed a lot were made using steroids
@Mike197602 (13895)
• United Kingdom
21 Jan 16
anabolic steroids are illegal so best avoided even though you don't necessarily get a criminal record for possessing them.