Illogical Interpretations in Hinduism

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Hyderabad, India
January 21, 2016 12:12pm CST
Recently I happened to hear Swamiji or Religious Preachers by whatever name you call them, making totally illogical statements. A heard a swami saying that 'should He (God) not need sleep? 'Why should you close your eyes after coming right in front of the God for Darshan when you have come from so much of Distance incurring lot of expenditure and experiencing lot of inconvenience? The priests and Preachers of Hinduism know pretty well that the crores of birth and rebirth cycles of human life will only be equal to even lesser than a minute of God's time. This is also established by the Theory of Relativity. what you should know that your 1 crores birth and death cycles are not even equal to 1 second of HIS time. So, for an ordinary human being, it does not matter whether the God sleeps or not. He never sleeps as the time of God relative to his devotee is far...far...more. Suppose, if he sleeps he can not be called God. We visit temples visualizing the idol of the deity. But, we fail to imprint the image of the deity due to varieties of disturbances. Even, in the temple people will be single songs, praising God with different names, it may not be possible to see the idol with concentration. But, we can see the idol with eyes wide open from the distance itself. When we reach near the idol there will be no noise or sounds to distract our attention. so after seeing the idol, we should try to take an image of God and preserve it in our heart only to take it out when we pray him in our house or in any other places of our choices. If the preachers are correct why to visit the temple even. One can show the Idol in the temple arranging a LIVE TELECAST so that everybody can have the opportunity to see the idol of the Lord with eyes even more wide opened. The point here is not your seeing the idol of the God. The very purpose of the visit here is that at least on one occasion or the other God will look at you. This is the beauty of the visit of a temple. Unfortunately, even the so-called great saints are giving wrong interpretations for getting more demand, more name, and fame. Swamiji, my sincere request is not to give such interpretations with your semi-scientific brains making illogical statements.
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21 Jan 16
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