Some New Thought Starters

United States
January 21, 2016 10:45pm CST
Except for one, I haven't actually finished writing anything on the last ones I suggested, so I will do that tonight. I'm not planning to go to bed early because we might lose our power. That's what concerns me the most. The challenge is to write something starting with the words that are suggested. Write about a true story from your life that would fit the idea or make up a fictional story. After all, we should be able to use our creative writing skills on this site. I think I might do both. Tell a "true" story and then make up something rather fantastic that could be the start of a novel or short story. What do you think? Here's two more "thought starters" for you to ponder. "When I was in high school I..." AND "I always rely on..." I'm going to go back to my first "thought starters." I did the one already on: "I came away with a different perspective when..." Did you read that one? This time I will write about "If only I could..." Consider this a "writing challenge" and stretch your imagination and hone your writing skills. See what you can come up with and start your own discussion. This is what I used to do when I was in a writing class several years ago. These "thought starters" were actually part of the class. It was FUN to do. I hope you will accept the challenge.
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