New Delhi, India
January 21, 2016 11:34pm CST
Do you know I worked for an NGO that was basically supporting the parentless kids so I was happy to work for those children ,we are actually blessed that we have a invaluable parents who are fulfilling our need as we think of it ,but are we thinking a minute about those children, people who struggle in there life for a single meal no right .If a single minute we spend on thinking about these people we can give a permanent solution for their life.
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• Bhopal, India
22 Jan 16
vinayak u r doing a good job.. keep doing it.. And I love my parent very much, can't imagine lyf without them.. So i can really understand the mind set of those kids.. They want love and affection
@Shavkat (69525)
• Philippines
22 Jan 16
It is indeed that we need to support children's rights. I had also worked before in a prestige international NGO. The aim is to be a provider and help the children to live comfortable. That's the miracle of giving for the sake of saving the children.
@jstory07 (74088)
• Roseburg, Oregon
22 Jan 16
It is not right when any one is going without food to eat.