My personal review of Hulu

United States
January 23, 2016 5:34am CST
I signed up for hulu early last year. I used it for awhile but then suddenly stopped watching it. I wasn't too bothered about the few commercials, and I thought they had an edge on competitors by showing the super bowl ads. I stopped watching around March or April. Honestly I sorta stopped watching t.v. entirely. While hulu did offer some variation from competitors, I wasn't overly pleased with the drop of episodes from new shows if you did not watch them in time. I kept the service on the off chance I would want to watch more but it quickly became a money pit. I recently decided to unsubscribe from their service. Amazon instant video is enough for me. I do want to try BBC streaming in the future, and I will keep netflix. I may try other streaming services if they offer the programming I prefer. I have very different tastes in programming. Do you enjoy hulu if you can stream it?
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@sharon6345 (147458)
• United States
23 Jan 16
I did not like the set up with them and canceled. Now,I would not mind watching it but would have to buy a new streaming device to do that. I better stick with netflix and youtube for working out.
@alberello75 (19929)
• Genova, Italy
23 Jan 16
I am Italian, and in my country, isn't broadcast "Hulu". However recently, here came Netflix. I still have to think about it, However I think to subscribe it in "the future".
@Morleyhunt (19267)
• Canada
23 Jan 16
I have not watched 'TV' in years. We watch videos and now as soon as I have an HDMI cable I can stream from my laptop.
@dodo19 (34295)
• Beaconsfield, Quebec
23 Jan 16
I haven't tried Hulu. We did have Netflix for a little while, but we unsubscribed. I have been thinking about trying it again, but we'll see.
@TRBRocks420 (85830)
• Banks, Oregon
23 Jan 16
I have never used it, also I am mostly always watching Animal planet, Nat Geo, Discovery, History or Science channel.