How to get rid of a Hickey aka Love Bite?

@cxndie (1062)
Kolkata, India
January 28, 2016 9:23pm CST
Hey folks, Have you ever been given a hickey or a love bite? Has our partner ever been crazy enough to mark his territory, so to say! Lol. Yes that mark can be a bit embarrassing and people tend to tease and ask a whole lot of questions. No need to worry, I know a way to get rid of it or have it less visible. All you need is a spoon!! Yes that's right! A tablespoon. Wet the spoon and quickly put it into the freezer for 30 minutes. Take the spoon out and lay it over the hickey. It will help in decreasing the color and the size and would make it a little less visible and obvious! Helped? I just thought of sharing this with you all cause I am sure some of you need it.
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• United States
5 Feb 16
omg..thankfully I've never had one, lol
@boiboing (12881)
• Northampton, England
29 Jan 16
I've never had one - would have dumped any guy who tried it - but I have a lot of experience getting rid of bruises due to being an ice-hockey player in my student days. Two tips - lots of witch hazel soaked into cotton wool and tied loosely on to the bruise and/or hemorrhoid ointment rubbed onto the bruise.
@cupkitties (7441)
• United States
29 Jan 16
Oh no,I can't deal with hickeys. Makes me glad to be single now. lol But, I did get them a couple times. Luckily they were easily hidden by my hair.