my love

Delhi, India
February 4, 2016 9:47am CST
Today my heart is smelting to see how much my love lasts unto my death. I am seen, visible yet my future of tomorrow is unseen and invisible. My closed eyes are in depth of sand and clues where me is seeing something design of a white bird, what’s that bird is? moment I though, it disappeared and its hazy picture coming to my mind...... why I am weeping, whose has lost, shall I weep for what lost is mine or for someone stranger to whom never I have met nor do I know ..see love mouth is having a taste of pure green liquid substances and it is from inside out wants to bring out my soul and ideas that I have kept for so long for someone unknown...even you will be surprised that this very moment I came to know that me myself was at request of someone waiting for something to come to love yourself....someone is sounding like dictate, others doing some kind of legal obeys, as if supreme commander asked them to again in my {meditative stage} I am birth taken again, now who is going to feed me.....Oh god! Vow wonderful world came out of my mouth god.....who is he.....where he lives.............have you seen him.... what beauty he has........what is his commands and so on.............I am waiting to see the image in this birth.............oh! My lord..............sleepless, sweet, nice.... GOD’S Command --- speak slowly or someone will try to cheat you.Love actually..... I replied: I understood God. Again there came time in my life when I was age 25 years where I have vision of hers that sand dunes made up of some great personality fit best in my mind that my he cannot have gone to think ever for a shall i call mother....goddess.....she says, yes, I know him, he is poor guy, lack of money and also no home ....but people who kept him are very nice and careful, they see their child dreams into me to be like that........shall i spell first word P,S,A,A,V,K ETC with love and hip hop Hollywood. With the above wording reader might thing it as something ordinary thing that we daily observe or when we are in depression people do have these glimpses. I do have the same. I always remember when people are in depression, all noble and pure heart souls then there contact is direct to the heart of the god. So, ultimately i really do not the picture I seen exists or not, but yours one love and grace could do everything better for me. Love actually cast
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@MALUSE (41311)
• Germany
5 Feb 16
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