What are your favorite horror films?

@VinayaG (550)
Kathmandu, Nepal
February 5, 2016 7:42am CST
I am not a fan of Horror genre. However, some of my favorite movies fall under horror genre. A Tale of Two Sister is my favorite horror movie. It is a Korean movie that tells a story to two sisters: one dead and another alive.
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• Calgary, Alberta
5 Feb 16
Speaking of Tale of 2 sisters, did you know one of the sisters is an incestuous lesbian. One of my favorite horror movies is Battle Royale, It is a violent Japanese horror movie and it's plot is copied by Hunger games but they tamed it a lot. There is a British horror movie series titled 28 days later and it has a sequel titled 28 weeks later. It is the best zombie apocalypse movie I had watched. Another British horror I love is the descend, It is about 5 adventurous and athletic women who are the best of friends and a female Filipino American they recruited to their team so they can explore an uncharted cave. This all female cast horror movie is unique because the characters fight to survive instead of just die screaming. They die fighting! When it comes to Hollywood horrors, I love most horror movies from 70's to 80's. Most modern hollywood horrors are not scary because of over high budgeted special effects.