I called in sick today.

@Blondie2222 (23007)
United States
February 10, 2016 8:55am CST
I hate to do it again but I feel cruddy so I called in to work today. My throat is so swollen and I hardly have a voice. I made a doctors appointment for 230 today so hopefully he can give me some good drugs. I took my temp it's 99.3 not too much a fever just a slight one. I guess it's going to be a day in bed today and hopefully I'm better so I can go back to work tomorrow. I hate missing days at work since I get behind but I rather not give whatever I have to my co workers. Hope you all have a better Wednesday than what I'm having so far. Hopefully I can get a few more hours of sleep.
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@amnabas (10934)
• Karachi, Pakistan
10 Feb 16
I hope you feel better by tomorrow.
• Philippines
10 Feb 16
Hope you catch some more sleep and get well.
@JohnRoberts (70231)
• Los Angeles, California
10 Feb 16
Sounds like you are experiencing a miserable day. Get that bed rest.