And now a poem of, "If..."

@Aingeal (436)
United States
February 10, 2016 8:56am CST
If… If tomorrow never comes, Do not shed your tears For the choice was mine To be here. If… You never hear my voice again Do not dwell in sorrow Rejoice in when I was sent That drew me neigh from my marrow If… The time comes where I must be That my life is in question. Do not doubt, There was no hesitation If… I come across your mind You know I was there And it was for you I was aware If… When the time comes That you question as to why Remember it was my choice To give my life for you to survive If… My words anger one To the point that they would go to extreme Know, as hard as it is It was my field to glean If… You ever question My love I have for you. Just look at my journey And what I have been through. If… When you read these words And you wonder was it worth it My answer is yes, Because freedom can never set. If… You question what that means. Remember simply this. Stagnate water Will always be remiss. If… The water sits Gathering nothing but death Then what I offer Is truly ignorance If… You have a moment To the time that is to come. Know I moved forward So this battle can be won. If… It is ever questioned Of my loyalty Just remember my love, It is from you to me If… You ever doubt As to why I do this for you… It is your love That gives me the strength to carry through. If… One day you’re sad In remembrance of me Do not fret my love I did this so you could be free. If… You ever question as to why Remember for me It was not about the reason It was only to answer the calling to do my best to try. If a tear should fall As you sit and think Of all the words you should have said Wipe away the salt water with one blink If… I had to do it again I would not hesitate For it was an honour That you could relate If… Nothing else should touch you Know my words ring true That no matter the journey which to you are called It is worth it, because I was blessed by you after all. For… Once you have touched my soul You have created a flame And there is no one in the world Except for me to blame If… The time comes That the clock is ticking down That I chose to walk this path The drummer that carried my sound If… You can hear it And some day I know you will. You will sit and smile And remember me still. If… Only this can touch your soul To reach that dark spot That others will not know Then my effort and choice will be forgotten not. For… It was you That touched my soul And it was your spirit That guided me to give it my all.
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@akalinus (21236)
• United States
10 Feb 16
I like the poem but it also makes me sad. I know it is triumphant because of the hope we have but sad for those in your inner circle and people who only know you as author. Very well said.
@Aingeal (436)
• United States
11 Feb 16
Thank you Jo Ann. When I hop back on MyLot later, I am going to bring up the man who inspired the poem. The documentary made me cry. It was that powerful. Thank you for understand that those who are in my inner circle and those who know about my writings, know what this means to me. Poetry is my first love and was my first publication at 14, so it will always touch me in places most don’t. Thanks for the comment.
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