do you think god there ?

@mahi99 (162)
November 24, 2006 9:10am CST
i always believe in god and i think he is everywhere . if u think the same or the opposite post me a reply .
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@lenith (1222)
• India
24 Nov 06
God is everywhere....i believe it.. have a nice time
@polemical (199)
• Canada
24 Nov 06
My belief is that *life* itself is the closest thing to God I can rationalize. By this I mean consciousness... awareness. I believe we are all individual cells of God, experiencing the universe from a plethora of perspectives, much as our bodies experience the world directly around them in the same manner. It might be comforting to some to feel they are just as important as every other part which makes up the whole, and it doesn't take as much of a stretch to believe in that, as in some supreme being pushing us and the events of the world around at His almighty whim. Perhaps - for I wouldn't presume to KNOW the truth - we are in fact, more literally than not, each ourselves the eyes and hands of God.
• India
24 Nov 06
I have a firm beleive in god. I think 'GOD IS NEAR'