What lite your fire?

Kingston, New York
February 10, 2016 1:11pm CST
For me what lite my fire is the way some groups in my home town is keeping company from opening business it a envoriment concern no it not they just want no more people they do not know to move in to the area. We all ready lot a bottle company that would of hire 100 people to start. Yes it was for bottling water. In my town , and some smaller towns in this county we have small shop making local beer. Now if the bottling company open up down the road one of the small beer guys could have the beer bottle and this would provided more jobs. I use to be for the envoriement groups ( still against cracking when we can get natural gas from human waste) two place two different town two vacation hotels want to open up and for over 15 years the company could not even dig. I bet the companies wish they never bought the properties in the first start. Even low wage jobs are better then no jobs. In my town JC penny , Office Depot, Sport Athurity close down their stores. Now Mace is doing the same thing.MY town and county yes we are inn upstate NewYork but it more of Farm county here. OK that it for now.
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